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We produce electrodes for water treatment. 

These electrodes are used to prevent the growth of bacteria in still water and can be used anywhere where water requires maintaining.

24 Tenby Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 3EE

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Our work is good. We promise! Behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done.Contact Us today to discuss the finer details of the work we can do for you.

Assaying can be performed on precious metals (as individual items or bars) and liquids.

The analysis of metals or liquids can be performed in order to obtain information on the following;

  • Range of metals within the product
  • The percentage of the various metals contained in the product
  • Provide a certificate of conformity for the standard required
  • Valuation of product

We produce a wide range of products including sheet, wire strip, coin / disc, badge and ring blanks.

We can also, produce finished jewellery to your requirements.

These products can be produced in gold, silver and a range of different alloys and are always accompanied by certificates of conformity.  

Jewellery Manufacturing

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Water Treatment


Electrical Components

Just because it's not on our website service list doesn't mean that we don't do it. We can offer specific services to suit your needs. Just Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.

When it comes to precious metals we almost definitely got the tools for the job!

Other Services

We produce wire for amplifiers using either 'fine silver wire' (0.2mm up to 5mm and everything in between) or alternatively as 'strip' (where thickness can changed from 0.1mm up to large sizes, or with a width of 5mm up to larger sizes).

We also produce wire for the production of Bimetal strip for electrical components in a range of materials such as fine silver and fine silver nickel alloy at 5%.


We can melt many metals including gold, silver, and platinum into a range of products such as, wire or sheet or to meet your requirements.

We can also melt jewellery (old or new) into new products.